Hello and Welcome!

This is 14 Karat Living, a reinvention of an older blog that I started way back in 2007, chronicling my move from Portland, Maine to New York City.

Today’s incarnation is a work in progress, though you can expect themes of dark and light, stories of redemption, inner struggle and self-love. Oh, and a love for independent businesses, style and conversations with people who are doing it their own way.

More about what I do: I own Rhino Girl Media, a media company that promotes the innovative and creative work of business people, independent artists, and non-profit organizations. RGM prioritizes building partnerships with corporate entities that value inclusiveness, diversity, and social change. We help you craft your message and get it out into the world.

To learn more about the services Rhino Girl Media offers, go here.  Or drop me an email at liz at rhinogirlmedia dot com.