Smoking Joints & Building Muscles

Recently I realized (again) that working out makes me feel good.

In an effort to feel good more often, I am being more diligent about scheduling workouts. I want to up my athleticism, which is complicated because of my love for smoking joints.

I love living in a mature legal market state because I can go into any dispensary and buy joints! Or pre-rolls, if you are using the current marketing term.

They are rolled for me.

In different strains.

(I prefer sativa, helps me focus and be hella productive).

And lots of time in pretty cool packaging. I have a critical eye for shitty marketing, but I’m a sucker for some good pre-roll packaging design.

[Now if we could just move away from plastic … the cannabis industry has a real sustainability issue when it comes to what their products are coming in. Those pre-roll plastic tubes? Not recyclable.

But that’s not what this blog post is about.]

I was never really into cigarettes, luckily they are not one of my addictions. I mean, I dabbled in college socially while drinking my Carlo Rossi wine of the week but mostly I wasn’t into them. Though I will list the scent of a freshly lit cigarette as one of my favorite olfactory pleasures. True.

But I do like to smoke joints. I like the joint in my fingers, I like bringing it to my lips, I like inhaling and getting an instant buzz, a quick way to take the edge off. I like smoking with other people. I find the whole process enjoyable.

A plethora of brands to choose from … and no I’m not related to Sid Gold’s Request Room in NYC. But I did have my 40th birthday there.

I also use cannabis to help manage my anxiety. It just chills me out and helps all the dialogue whizzing around in my head to slllllllow down. And smoking joints just happens to be my favorite deployment method.

It’s just, you guessed it, I feel it in the lungs when I am working out hard. When I’m on the water racing with my paddling team (which is essentially a sprint on water), I can feel my lungs catching up. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good either.

Now, I know there are going to be some people (like my family) who will say, STOP SMOKING! It doesn’t matter what it is – tobacco or cannabis – smoking is BAD for you. And I get it. I appreciate the concern but it’s going to be a slow burn to transition into another method of consumption.

Vaping? Eh.

Edibles. Yes, sometimes. It depends on the brand and the dose. But it takes experimentation. And sometimes it’s such an intense experience to try to figure it out.

That said, those would probably be my top choices.

That’s not to say, I can’t keep my habit of smoking joints and still train hard.

We know that cannabis helps and supports athletes of all types as a viable alternative to opioids for pain management and can enhance a workout. While I don’t really work out with cannabis currently (meaning, I don’t consume before practice or a fitness class), I definitely can see how it can help bring people into their bodies. It has helped me get into mine.

And once we are in our bodies, anything is possible.

So many people are pairing working out and cannabis and building fitness classes around it! (Did I mention that I love living in a legal state?) I went to one once – it was like a hybrid bootcamp/yoga class with people puffing from a communal vape (isopropyl alcohol wipes were also passed around). There was also CBD-infused juice available. When I got a headache, I realized it’s not my thing. If I were going to work out with cannabis, I would consume before, chill a bit and then go to a class.

I may change my smoking habit as time goes on and I get further into my training, but that’s my call. I just know, that when it comes to working out with cannabis – it works for some workouts, not others. Like yin yoga, yes. Bootcamps, no. And probably not while actually doing the fitness activity. But a couple of hours before? That’s a different story.

This are just my personal preferences. You probably have yours!

Tell me what they are! I’m curious.

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