Your Story is Not Your Only Story

I realized this on a date last night.

I was telling the story that I tell about my break up and while it is true from my perspective, upon reflection this morning, I realize it’s not the whole truth.

I’m not going to go into it. I value privacy. But I will say you get to control the narrative of your story.

As taken from @oracleofyoursoul on Instagram. Follow her! She lives in Newport, Oregon.

I’ve been describing myself as trudging up a hill for years now when in actuality, I have been making great strides. It’s perspective, folks, and I admit, I have not always the clearest, lightest and spiritually-guided perspective. Though that has always been my goal.

I get taken down by anxiety and depression in a big way. And it can really impact my day-to-day. It’s exhausting to keep up with and manage. And then I realized part of me was suppressing something that has wanted to flourish for a long time. When I acknowledged that and let it come out of the shadows, I started feeling better. My chest expanded. I suddenly could see ripples upon ripples of opportunity. I suddenly felt less fear. Even though the path ahead is completely unknown, I feel safe in the knowing that I am allowing.

So your story is not your only story. I say this because it’s easy to stay in the narrative and keep telling the same tale to whoever will listen. I found that I got better talking about it, was more concise with my words and yet, it started to feel icky. I started to hear, That’s Not The Whole Truth rolling around in my heart. I was breaking through the narrative because it no longer fit.

Perspective is really important. You can go around thinking you’re not enough or failing and then realize the many successes and learnings that have taken place. You have not regressed; you have evolved. Don’t let people’s expectations of you be the measuring stick. Define success for yourself and if you’re not moving in the direction you want, you have the power to steer. How? By making choices – big or small – according to how you want to live. Start with Yes or No.

Your story can change. My story is changing. How is yours?

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