The Winning Combination of Writing and Weed

Not everyone who works in the cannabis industry consumes the plant, but I do. My delivery method of choice? Good old fashioned joints. Or pre-rolls, as they are called now. I love getting up in the morning, pouring myself some coffee in one of my Maine cups and smoking a joint. Then I start writing.

Yes, I’m stoned and it feels good. I finally feel like I am away from the anxiety, hyper-vigilance and general overwhelm swimming around in my head at any given time. The THC helps me focus and suddenly I am very interested in what I am doing. I don’t feel as rushed because now I am in my body and can be with what I am doing, instead of trying to get something done as fast as possible. Which, admittedly can be my MO.

But the most fun for me is just the act of writing. I write for a living (and do marketing and consulting, if ya did not know) so many of my words and ideas are working for other people in some sort of structured format. Here, I can just let my mind wander, letting my fingers follow, discovering my writing voice. Taking this time to allow this freedom is new for me. It’s been pretty cool.

I started doing this routine in November and have nearly 120 pages of free writing. It’s an enjoyable way for me to start my day and give me space to get into my body, heart and mind. Certainly, if I am going to work for myself, I can give this to myself. The writing that has come has been a true gift and has helped me gain clarity over matters I’ve been struggling to understand for years. There are a lot of golden nuggets in there. Given the wild ride of my life the last few years, coming to these pages gives me time to check in with myself and process what needs to be processed. Needless to say, I’ve been getting a lot of downloads.

Trouts are my go-to morning choice.

When I am battling confusion and not sure what to do, I remind myself the answers are in the writing. And it’s true. Many answers have come to me over the months I’ve been writing and smoking a joint has truly aided me in this. I know there are some who will say the writing isn’t real, or true, or organic because you are under the influence of a drug. Even as I write this, that taboo feels so ingrained. The truth is, cannabis isn’t a drug. It’s a healing medicine. It should be federally legalized and not categorized as a Schedule 1 Drug as the government has it now. Yes, THC can give you the ability to feel euphoric or high.

So. Fucking. What.

We are living in such an intense moment in time right now. We are hanging by the threads of humanity. We are all so plugged in and many of us, are just plain worn out. If I found something that is legal in my state and helps me access my most happy, creative and productive side – why the hell wouldn’t I use it? I wrote all my sociology papers at the University of Maine while doing bong hits and I scored A’s on all of them. And if you’re going to judge me on it, well, then I guess we can’t be friends.

But I’m not going to end this post on that shitty note. Here’s the thing, cannabis use is nuanced. As a long-time stoner, I am realizing this. We have so much more choice on how or when or why we consume. I also realize many people still place a stigma on smoking weed. To that I say, get over it.

Realize this, most people also know what’s best for them. You gotta trust that. And if you find yourself judging someone for their use, I urge you to check yourself before you wreck yourself. In fact, maybe you’d like to light one up?

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