PG + Corny: Just What I Needed

Sometimes you just need to keep an open mind.

My folks invited me to see a Frankie Valli tribute band called “Let’s Hang On” playing at the OOB Seaside Pavillion. I said yes, because I’m saying yes to more things lately and I thought it sounded fun. 

And what the hell, why not?

Though originally, I thought they said it was a Four Tops tribute band. But it was really a tribute to the Four Seasons and other assorted nostalgic hits.

Four guys. Two girls. Lots of sentimentality and knee-slapping jokes. Plus sequins and doo wop.

The music was catchy and I was singing along to practically every song which I think flabbergasted my folks. I was smiling because the whole thing was so corny and PG that I couldn’t help myself. 

It felt good.

Plus it’s always nice to see old folks out and about enjoying themselves.

I was entertained and I give kudos to the performers who are well known in retirement communities, especially in Florida (where the 10-piece band is based). They really know how to work a crowd. 

This is my life!

[Photo taken from Let’s Hang On’s FB page]

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