Weekend Edition

It’s been a busy weekend here, folks. Had a date on Friday night that included a ride on the Ferris Wheel at dusk (my favorite time of day). Saturday included an eight mile bike ride, brunch at Rumorz Cafe, a shower, beer at Pirate’s Patio, then an outing to a Sunflower Farm in Cumberland to see baby goats (yes, they have goat yoga there), then blueberry picking at another farm in Falmouth and then BBQ at The Garage on Pine Point.

I was done-zo after that.

Today was busy again, too.

I needed the brain change so I appreciate all the activities. I finished off my day today with a walk out to the ocean … it was much needed and snapped me out of my lethargy.

Now I’m getting ready for my week. I feel ready for the changes coming. They are big and they are meaningful and I am learning to navigate them all. My new mantra: take it easy.

[Image by PDX designer Lisa Congdon]

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