Just a Reminder

This is the truth.
When fear comes over me, I get small. I get dark. I get cranky and I want to isolate myself. 

When I am in the light, I feel expansive, ready for anything, and excited about life.

It’s a marked difference.

I spent the last couple of weeks stuck in fear, trying to draw any light out of circumstance that I possibly could.

I’m relieved to say that I’m back in the light. Back to trusting that what is being revealed is meant to happen and will lead me to much joy, adventure and yes, love. 

Fear sucks. 

I will continue to fight fear. For the sake of myself and for the sake of those I love.

Because honestly, the only other choice is succumbing to fear’s grip and that’s ain’t pretty.


[Dope image by @subliming.jpg, as found on the Internet]

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