Meme of the Day (Week, Month & Year)

Can you relate?

It’s hot as fuck here, muggy. I spent the day doing client work, taking a dip in the ocean, helping my dad move shit out of storage in the basement apartment (where I’m staying), taking a nap, cleaning my space and doing laundry.

I’m sweating and I can’t wait to take a cold shower. 

Things are changing, my life is like a snowglobe. It’s all shook up.

But I asked for this.

I needed and wanted the change. My old life was built around something that wasn’t serving me anymore.

It’s hard to admit something like that.

I’m learning the concept of surrender. Or relearn, I should say.

All I can do is show up and put in the work and then just take it easy. 

Make decisions in accordance with the light. And admittedly, I am still figuring that out.

More to come. 


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