Flipped Off (And Other Assorted Daily Tidbits)

Today was an interesting day.

I woke up with a headache (probably from my $4.50 beer from last night) and went to boot camp. The sweat helped and it was gone by the time I left. 

I came home and walked Lou, took a shower, talked to my new/old beau and then took a nap before my one interview of the day.

This is what healing looks like, people. Naps in the middle of the day.

I woke up and had my call.

Did some other assorted work.

Got a letter from my ex, with new information on feelings related to the breakup, got instantly upset and furious, talked to a friend, smoked some weed and then felt better.

(Breakups suck. I don’t recommend them.)

Then I went swimming in the ocean. And I said my gratitude list while I was out there in the fresh, salt Atlantic ocean water. I talked to G-d. (It came to me today, that I have not yet surrendered to my situation. I still want to fight. I still want to win. I still want to push the boulder up the hill, instead of just leaving it there and walking in a new direction). So there’s that. 

Then I worked on some content for one of my clients. Had dinner with my parents and went to the grocery store.

I literally walked into Hannaford’s with no bra, no makeup, no jewelry and no underwear under my flowy pants. I did not give a fuck. I did my business and then started driving home.

I got behind this guy who was just sitting there when the light turned green. There was a family waiting to cross but that wasn’t the issue apparently. I honked. He flipped me off. Not once. Not twice. But three times. And it wasn’t a relaxed bird, it was a fierce FUCK YOU bird, going in different directions EACH TIME. I just laughed and was like, OKAY GUY. FINE.

Now I’m home, drinking Polar seltzer and feeding microwaved cut-up hot dogs to my dog, who is recovering nicely from surgery, I might add.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for tomorrow! 

[Image taken from soulpancake, as found on the Internet]

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