Beer, Ice Cream & Marden’s

It’s the trifecta of my perfect Maine summer. Throw the beach in there and that about sums up what I do in my spare time here. 

Case in point: tonight.

Instead of going to yoga, which I had planned to do with my mom. We went with my dad to Ken’s Place in Scarborough, where I had a Shipyard Summer on tap for $4.50 and some baked haddock. Then we went to Marden’s (the infamous discount and salvage store) to walk some of it off, only to stop at ice cream at Bayley’s on the way home.

I’m about ready to hit the hay and it’s 8:23 PM. 

Today, I talked with a client, did an interview and then swam in the ocean. 

It’s a pretty good life, here. Can’t complain.

Tomorrow: bootcamp. 


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