The Big Gender Reveal (on Facebook Live)

It’s Sunday and it’s been pretty low key for the most part here at the beach. 

We picked up Lou from the animal hospital in Scarborough. She is recovering great from her surgery and will be sporting the “cone of shame” for two weeks. No shame in healing though, and the little baby needs it to keep from licking her wounds and stitches. She’s shaved on her left hip and on her little leg where they put her IV. So now she just rests for the next two weeks and we take short frequent walks. I’d post a photo but I’m going to let her recover in peace.

I spent a little time on the beach today with my bro and sis-in-law and I watched this gender reveal (of a baby) on Facebook live. It was amazing. The parents had no idea what they were having and they had this pinata type thing set up in the backyard, with a group of people watching. About 15 people were watching on FB live. They were building up to it and building up to it, and we were all yelling at my brother’s phone, “Come on already!” 

Fucking annoying. But as my sis-in-law so wisely pointed out, we didn’t have to be watching it.

Oh and here’s a spoiler, they are having a girl. 

But it’s a good illustration of where we are as a culture. There are actually services that will tell you what the gender of your baby will be. So the doctor has that information and shares it with the vendor (flower person, pinata person, whatever medium you choose for the surprise) and THEN you find out. And you can make it a thing. 

Cause it is a thing, apparently.

I personally think I would want something more quiet and private. But that’s me. Maybe it’s a way to include people from all over that wouldn’t be able to normally share in the moment. So there’s that.

All this for the gender, tho? Is gender really that important in raising a child? Important enough to HAVE to KNOW now? I don’t prescribe to the pink and blue binary mentality. So I’m going to go with a strong NO here. 

Now, I’m just gonna hang with Lou and have an easy evening.

[Image was found on Pinterest.] 

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