Prepping for Lou’s Surgery

It’s pouring here. It was a hot and sunny, muggy day and now it’s pouring. A good old-fashioned thunderstorm. 

Lou has surgery tomorrow. Of course, she doesn’t know what’s happening, but we have to be at the vet at 8 AM and then it’s likely she’ll have to stay the night just to have some time to recover. 

I’m a nervous Jewish doggy mommy, right now. The official name of the surgery is Femoral Head Osteotomy, otherwise known as FHO. I know it’s going to be fine and I have a lot of support to help her recover, but this is a time where I could really use my ex around to help with the TLC. We were told it was the thing to do while in PDX and then after a day of a lot of exercise when we first got here to Maine in June, it was apparent her hip was bothering her. So, I brought her to the vet and they recommended the same procedure. It’s better and more effective than a hip replacement surgery.

Lou is going to be five in October. She’s a young dog and has a lot of life to live! She has a lot of balls to catch and holes to dig!

Admittedly, she has had somewhat of a rough time adjusting here. She’s been more aggressive towards people so I hired a trainer to help her (and of course, me) manage behaviors better. We’ve been working on the exercises but one of the things the trainer told me was no furniture. That pretty much broke my heart because Lou is a couch queen and I used to call her up on the bed in the morning as part of our routine. It’s been a hard adjustment for me and I think she misses it, too. She likes a good snuggle! Now I am responsible for practicing tough love and it’s harder for me than it is for her! But I literally cannot take her into public without watching her every move and that needs to change.

So we shall see how it goes tomorrow. Gonna take it easy. August is the month of recovery, no hard n fast decisions and just letting it flow. Let’s see if I can allow that to happen.  


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