Beth Ditto Pops into Portland

You know what’s the best? When a friend spontaneously Facebook messages you and says she just scored a ticket to Beth Ditto that night and she thinks there are still tickets available. So you check. And there are. So you buy one. And now you’re going to a rock show with a fucking phenom femme that kicks down doors instead of hot yoga so what can you do except go with the flow?

Man, it’s been a fucking long time since I’ve been to a live show. Like a show where you’re early because you and your friends are in your 40s and that’s how you roll. So, you have a cocktail and some food at the Bunk Bar, meet some new queers, walk around the block for a toke and then head on in with hours to wait and a few levels of security to move through. Wonder Ballroom has a thing where they scan you, you show them your bag (I had to go back to my car to drop off a joint because they don’t allow cannabis products in), show your tickets and then when you go inside and want to go to the bar, you have to show your ID. It’s kind of like a buzzkill, but I guess they have to do it.

Anyway. Moving on.

Beth Ditto had two opening acts – Connie & The Precious Moments kicked it off in some serious gold sequins and cover magic and then the beautiful boys of Ssion blessed us with their presence and Freddy Mercury/Goldfrapp infused audio candy. All the gay boys around us were super into it. They were rad.

But Beth Ditto.

I have never seen her. Only heard her voice with Gossip, her old band. She’s recently been through a divorce (relatable) and has found new love (according to Instagram). So now she’s touring with her new band promoting her new album Fake Sugar. Which I mean, yes yes yes. You should give it a listen cause it is so good and poppy with deep lyrics and a voice that just grabs your entire body. When you listen to her talk, her Arkansas comes out, and her southern charm just fills the stage. She’s got charisma and the way she takes up space in her sequins and long ponytail is something little girls everywhere need to see. 

But you know, I’m an introvert and can get super exhausted easily from over stimulation in public places and my feet hurt in my boots from standing in the same place for so long (can you hear my tiny violin) so I had to jet after the encore. 

HOWEVER. Cute queers were everywhere. Like older cute queers. And Portland is Beth Ditto’s home city so she named dropped Fred Meyers and questioned New Seasons high prices. She was super grateful and humble and it was just such a joy and inspiration to see. 






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