When Change Makes You Cranky (Boy, Bye)

Sometimes you are buzzing along, life feels right, wind at your back,

as opposed to feeling like lightning is going to strike you down.

And you’re just enjoying it.

You’ve let go, to some extent. 

You’ve come to terms and are recognizing what’s still good and what is for sure not.

You know your feelings are real. Your reality is real. Your experience is real. 

Vitality pumps through your chest, instead of anxiety and dread.

The truth does set you free. You knew it would. 

But change means grief,

It means adjustment

letting go of what you wanted to keep forever.

It means asserting boundaries

standing up to stupid shit, saying no

and recognizing it’s not mine to carry.

I don’t have to let it take over 



Boy bye. 

My core is on fire, 

processing information like you wouldn’t believe.

All I’ve got is me,

a rough gem sharpening her edges against a handsome rock,

jaded with age.

Now you are back where you were from.




You are the same. But better. 

And you’re fucking grateful

because it’s a sweet place to be,


So when you feel the shortness and panic start to set in,

the slow burn of stress coming for you,

it feels like a relapse. 

But really it’s an opportunity to slow down. To ask yourself why. 

What is it?

Realize it’s all cyclical. It moves back and forth, in between and outside the lines.

Do the work and sit back and wait. 

Disengage digitally

and get yourself free.



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