The Art of Arousal

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to hang with cannabis lovin’ women talking about arousal?

February is a month of pinks and reds; flowers and chocolates and romantic fantasies and over the top expectations, am I right? That’s why when you can go to an event or gathering that celebrates self-love, I’m all in. After all, you can’t really have good relationships with others, unless you have a pretty loving relationship with yourself. Side note: I am learning this lesson late in life. 

Loving yourself, from where I sit, is all about self-care. It’s about finding and honoring the things that turn you on in this life without apology (that is, assuming they are legal and consensual). It’s moving towards what brings you joy, pleasure, vitality, and freedom.

It’s saying yes to some things and no to other things. It’s knowing you only have power over yourself.

It’s putting YOU at the center of YOUR universe.

You get my gist.

So, I went to this event called “The Art of Arousal: Connecting Cannabis and Sensual Pleasure” at The Perlene, a “social club and workspace for ambitious women” in SE. It was hosted by the ladies over at Toketivity, which I’ve written about before

It’s a sweet space with lots of beautiful curated decor, shelves of stunning crystal glasses and a bathroom bigger than many NYC bedrooms. Women-centered and cannabis-infused products filled the room with friendly business owners ready to answer any questions. 

Pleasure Parlor owner and sensuality synergist Casey Murphy was on hand to MC the event, which included a game of trivia (with teams). More on that later.

Lauren Le Franc shared her very personal story with cannabis and chronic pain and we heard from the founders of Empower BodyCare, who make a high THC topical oil that is recommended for many body parts including earlobes, feet, and yes, one’s pussy. Basically, they said, “Put it where you please.” You can pick it up at numerous dispensaries, in case you’re interested. They have bath salts that are supposed to be great for relaxation, too.

I have to say, I learned a lot. Especially during the trivia!

Did you know:

  • There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris?
  • The word “tampon” is French for “plug?”
  • That the average age American women and men have sex for the first time is 17? 
  • Only 25 percent of women orgasm through intercourse.
  • And that a spoonful of semen is five calories? (I had a visceral reaction to this; basically I don’t care to know, but now I do, so there you go.)

But still. Interesting stuff.

I will say, that “women-only” spaces are tricky; especially when we’re using language like vulva, vagina, and pussy. When we’re talking about body parts and mainstream descriptors of women, it’s cisgender women who we’re really talking about. It’s the default setting. It’s often not trans or gender queer inclusive. I think women-only spaces are important AND I think it’s critical that trans women are invited to the conversation, asked to share, and are listened to when they do. Because only then can we talk openly about all our vastly different experiences and find our true connection as women. 

And, oh yeah. Orgasmic manifesting (Thanks, Casey!) Love this concept. I’m going to be working on that this Valentine’s Day. 

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