Begin Today.

Every day you have a chance to start over again.

I know that is fucking cliche, but it is true.

Every day you can make a decision to live according to your integrity.

To your core. Your heart. Your spirit. 

Your vitality will lead you.

Follow what makes you feel free. What produces the most joy. What causes you to laugh. What brings up giggles. What brings on the tingles. 

I’m here to tell you, you know.

I spent a long time ignoring my reality. Living in denial. Wanting something to be different. Trying to change. Being confused. Then, just like that, I realized, what I was experiencing was real. No one can tell me otherwise. It was a powerful moment for me. A realization that changed the course of my life.

I am now on a new road.

I wouldn’t exactly call it “course correction” as such when I found myself working a corporate job in Midtown Manhattan as a communications manager at an accounting firm. I had to really turn myself around from that. 

I believe I am exactly where I need to be. All movements and actions and steps have led me to here. And honestly, it feels like coming home.

You know when you realize you just have to do something because there’s nothing left to do?

Like you’ve been dabblng and wanting to do it for years but never really committed because of whatever reason?

My reasons being – well, not good enough, scary to put myself out there, maybe I truly don’t have anything worthwhile to say, people will think I’m an idiot, and I will be driven to and called out in embarrassing ways. Demons are fun times.

I’m over it. 

I don’t care.

Tell me I suck.

Tell me I don’t have anything to say.

Tell me I shouldn’t be doing this.

But really, please don’t.

Keep it to yourself. I don’t want that energy around me.

So now I just have to do it.

And follow through.

What that looks like to me is unknown at this time.

But I would like to be showing up to this blog daily. 

Sharing what I know.

And lots of what I don’t.

Every day I hear that voice, go write something.

And every day, I say, yes, I will, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today.

And so I shall begin.


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