Dear White People (Who are Coming into Consciousness)

I don’t care about his affect so much as his decisions.

Though I do think he’s deplorable.

I question the choices he makes for the administration.

Not really into elevating or even helping anyone outside of their own kind.

Who are taking a wrecking ball to everything.

Should this elite crew really be running the United States?

I don’t think so, but maybe you do.

Sometimes you are surprised to who a person really shows themselves to be.

Sometimes you can make use for it, sometimes you can’t.

We are being pulled to either side

And it makes sense

Senseless things are happening daily, by the minute

Mostly to the most vulnerable people we have

And 45 sits by and strokes the fire

Adds to the load,

When he has so much power to change this direction

To extend a hand.

Step into dignity, man.

Breathe in the toxic air you are blowing

Tune into the people who are not your own, who are not feeding your ego, who don’t have personal, political or corporate agendas.

Stand up for the masses who believe in equality for everyone.

Stand up for where we have evolved as a nation.

It’s by no means perfect but it makes room for more

Maybe you will bring the country together because we are so clear in where we need to fight

Relationships will break up, business partners will divorce, people will avoid each other

Aside from the head-on violence and destruction coming from every direction.

Some are feeling it much harder and we need to take notice.

We need to protect our own.

If it doesn’t touch you, you are steeped in privilege

If you need help with understanding and dismantling that let me know

I’m actively working on it

Basically, all white people should be actively working on it

We have a lot of listening to do from our friends and family who are people of color, living in this society.

Reparations are due.

So, no I don’t care about his affect. Though I find him visually unappealing,

I care about the energetic arrows he is putting out in the world.

I care about his toxic energy, his violent tendencies with his decision-making and wordsmithing. I care about his enforcing of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy,

As bell hooks coined long ago.

I care about blatant disrespect for the presidency and any legacy Obama created.

I care about resisting his presence in our lives and his demands. I care about not holding back on talking to friends and colleagues and acquaintances and family members about what is fucked up about what is happening in this country.

I care about standing in my own dignity.

And it only starts there.

We all have our own way of interrupting moments, where someone says something questionable and someone needs to say something.

Say it.

If you hear something, say something.

If it strikes you as inappropriate or confusing, say something

Get clarification

Make them explain what they mean.

It can be scary at first but it does get easier.

Just do it.

And feel better for it.

Your silence is dangerous.

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