Waitress Rant

Those who know me, know that my stint at the restaurant has been both liberating and humbling, gratifying and grueling. That being said, here is a list of things that make me want to throttle customers on a daily basis.
***People who come to the sushi restaurant with an allergy to fish and then proceed to go through the whole menu asking about appropriate items for eatage.
***Those who come in at our closing time on the dot and then have no clue what is happening even when we have to ask them to leave, 45 minutes later.
*** Payage with multiple credit cards. Adults go to the atm. Do you really need to split a $24 bill three ways? And by card, no less?
*** Asking a table if they want a drink and 2/3 of your party says yes. So you get the drinks. Then you go back and the weakest link says, “Oh you know, I’d like a mai tai.” This of course always happens when you are slammed and have to make the most complicated of drinks, have two tables you haven’t been to yet and your orders are up at the sushi bar and in the kitchen. Not to mention, your boss is directing you to bus a table that isn’t even yours.
*** Business people who blatantly ignore you while they lunch. This one makes my blood boil. I know what it’s like to be a lady who lunches. Ties do not need to talk over you, avoid your questioning or avoid communicating with you to have a pleasant lunching experience.

I guess that’s it. For now. Thanks for reading

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