Let’s create something!

hello! Greetings from the great PNW! It’s been a while. I know. I’m still here. Went underground for a bit. Introverts have to do that every once in a while. Well, at least this introvert. Truth is, I moved. Across the country. Then in April, we bought a house and moved out of where we […]

Here’s to 2017 …

Greetings from Portland (Oregon)! That’s right. I moved. Cross country. (But didn’t you just move back to Brooklyn from an eight-month stint in PDX three years ago? Yes.) No more Brooklyn (in the physical location sense) and hello Pacific Northwest. The decision was a long time coming. After a decade in New York City, carrying […]

Bringing Summer Down

Hey, folks! Greetings from Brooklyn! Here in New York, fall is on its way. I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s been “hotter than a crotch” as Bob Dylan sang in “Tough Mama” (one of my favorite songs by him, here’s a version by Jerry Garcia) in Brooklyn. And even though I’ve been so lucky to […]

August Calling

Hey folks! I’m back in Brooklyn after more than a month of traveling around. Admittedly I’ve been struggling with resistance in getting this newsletter out. Weeklyish was my goal; it may have been a little ambitious but the intent was there. The thing is, I have a link saved to share Jesse Williams speech at […]

Current Mood: Maine

Well, I’m in Maine. So happy to be here. Staying at my buddy’s apartment in Portland. There’s a backyard with a garden and an amazing apothecary here. I can’t believe I get to stay for a couple of weeks! I didn’t send out a newsletter last week because I honestly did not feel moved to. […]

Greetings from Brooklyn!

It’s Sunday night and it’s pouring. I’m refraining from watching The Good Wife because I just dropped my partner off in Northampton for the summer to finish his grad program and it’s “OUR SHOW.” Meaning we watch it together. Meaning, it’s like betrayal if I move on. Orange is the New Black, though is fair […]