Post #12: New technology

I’m working on expanding my business. This, many of you know. Part of that is making sure I am organized and things are running smoothly. And for the most part, they are. But I believe they could be smoother … More automation. Less repetition. You know how the saying goes. Using technology to expand and […]

Post #11: Not the cool kid

Don’cha just love FB? I was scrolling through my feed yesterday and I saw an old photo of a group of people that put a chill down my spine. It was some of the popular kids in my high school, all dressed up for the senior prom. It was 1994.  Maybe I didn’t get a […]

Post #2: Ushering in 41, a rundown

It only seems natural that given this second post is the day after my birthday, that I should use this space to tell you all about what I did yesterday!   First of all, I have to say, that for me, the best things about birthdays is hearing from people in all the various phases […]