Post #13: Is this over yet?

Otherwise known as resistance.

I just had an important discussion with my coach (or as she likes to call it “detached thinking partner”) about resistance. And man, do I have it. I need to look at Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art again and seriously give it a read. 

The truth is, I have a lot of resistance to coming on here every day and writing.

I know you may not want to read this again (I write about it a lot) or you may not even care.

But I’m here. And that’s something.

I always think I should be writing something more. Something more prolific. Sharing something deeper, making some sort of point. 

But that’s not the point of this exercise.

Even though I want it to be over, and that I have a million and one things going through my brain as to why I could just skip it today, I CANNOT. I made a commitment to do this and perhaps part of the learnings is the huge enormity of resistance I have to slay in order to keep this momentum going. In order to actually create what I want to create. 

So into the mud I go. 

I will continue to slog through until resistance is a rare acquaintance (is that possible?). I will continue to show up for myself in this way to see what comes out the other way. No judgment. I am here.

What is 14 Karat Living going to actually be? I’m not sure yet.

Stay tuned.


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