Post #9: Shit, I forgot yesterday

The guitar.

I am finding it really hard to do this!

Yesterday was busy, did a ton of errands/tasks in the morning after a 8:30 AM workout so I could go out to Washougal and play music with my Ladies Rock Camp band mates.

It was pretty fun – I brought the electric guitar V got me ages ago, trucking it across the country via airplane to New York in a grand gesture of sweet love, and it felt good to finally play it properly. We had a drum set and a bass and a piano and a whole host of other string instruments. We jammed for a while, and it was super fun to find the rhythm and improvise.  The numbness in my fingers only just now went away! I like making noise, finding beats and going with the flow of other people. Again, it’s about showing up. Less about your personal opinion of what you are creating and more about just contributing. 

I got home around 6, as did V from work, and we went to dinner at the Sapphire Hotel and then I came home and went to bed at 8:30 PM. I wanted to go out to the BHKC bar crawl, but didn’t have the energy. My body hurt and I was emotionally spent from driving. And social situations like that always stress me out even though I just want to go and have fun. 

So I was in bed and I exclaimed, “I didn’t do my blog post today!” And V was like, “Do it from your phone” and I was like NAH. 

That was that. I went to bed kind of in a crummy mood and overtired.


Today I’m selling some of the Liz Gold collection at the Twilight Rummage Sale – so we’ll see how that goes. From 4-8PM – cocktails, cheap thrills and yummy cake. At the Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne. I have no idea what to expect. I just know I’ve got some good stuff to sell. 

More later,


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