Post #7: A week later

My desk area. It’s humble even if my ideas aren’t.

Well, it’s been a week since I launched the 30-day blogging challenge. Last week I was super stoked, I mean, after all, it was my birthday week.

Now it’s been like back to reality and what I’ve gathered since taking this on is … THAT IT HELPS TO HAVE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR.

Sorry, not trying to scream this at you, but it’s for real. Editorial calendars, aka, planning what you are going to write about and being specific about when you are going to write them and then put them out into the world, is key! 

I think I admitted to you I don’t have an editorial calendar for these 30 days. And that’s the point. It’s an exercise, a practice. Showing up every day no matter if I have anything to say or not. 

The truth is, it feels like right now, I don’t. 

But I do have things to say.

I’m going to just give them a little while to come out. This is a new act for me so it needs to set in a bit. The habit needs to form. 

So stay tuned, after all, it’s only been a week.


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