Post #6: Get up from your desk

This is for you work-at-home types.

How’s it been going for you?

I have my own home office, like a room where I can shut the door. I’m grateful for it. 

But sometimes I have a hard time actually getting up from my desk. You know, working all day, doing one thing after the next, just wanting to get this one thing done because then I’ll be one step closer to being done with it for good. Well, all that adds up to backache and frustration!

I mean, yeah, sure, it feels good to be accomplishing stuff. But when it’s at the expense of your body or living space, that’s when you gotta reassess. 

Like there are hairballs on my stairs gathered from Lou. I keep walking up and down the stairs to go outside. To get coffee. To have snacks. I see them. I note that perhaps I should do something about them. I remember that would make V happy. Then I remember I took the recycling bins out and in and think, eh, it could wait another day. Not the best. See, working on it!

Is it happy hour yet? Just kidding, I’m going to hot yoga tonight.

So my advice for you work-at-home people is this: get up. Move around. Take breaks. The work will be there.

Think about scalability and your time management. I have a bad habit of trying to get everything done immediately. Even when I have time. I’m just compulsive like that. But if I want to add capacity that needs to change. There needs to be process, my friends. Boundaries. Deep breaths over here.

Because you know what I noticed? That this here blog goes down the list. As soon as client work appears urgent, it just immediately gets placed down there. When in actuality – for me – it’s a priority. A priority for my writing process, for my business, and for my well being. Not the best. See, working on it!

It’s the art of the pivot – what you focus on becomes most important. And sometimes you don’t realize that the most important thing is at the bottom of the to-do list and sitting in the chair for too long. You’re the only one who can change that.


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