Post #4: Lesbian memories

It’s Saturday and I bounced up after my alarm at 7 AM. I wanted to get this blog post done before we headed to the coast for the weekend. We’ll be back tomorrow, cause we both have to work on Monday.

Last night we went out to event called Lesbian Bar Flashback at Escape Bar and Grill, which made me think of:

I remember KD Lang on Letterman singing “Constant Craving” like it was yesterday. When I saw her, I was totally awestruck. She was barefoot and wearing a suit and I couldn’t have been more captivated. 

Anyway, we were there long enough to have a veggie burger, tater tots and two Cape Cods. It was nice to see all the queer and lesbian women filling the room. I was waiting for Melissa Etheridge to come on the stereo, but that didn’t happen.

Then we hit 10 PM and the music got loud and I suddenly got very tired. Too. Much. Noise. And. Stimulation.

So we went home. (I’m lucky to have a partner who really gets this and is very similar to me in this way). 

And now I’m up and I have to get ready for my trip. Til next time!


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