Post #3 Social media is a time suck


Yes, social media is super important these days, but geez, isn’t it so easy to get sucked in. A lot of things are funny; so much critical humor and art and oneness are happening. Against a backdrop of hateful and offensive rhetoric, people are processing and making sense of it all publicly, because we can and well, because doesn’t everyone want a little attention paired with instant gratification? The world is moving forward despite the tyranny of the white man. Eventually, those people will fall, like someone falls off a moving train in a movie. Irrelevance relates to social issues as well.

I’ve been getting up early these days (like 6 AM) and my intention is to create a new healthy routine. I did this whole exercise with Bridget, a coach I was working with, where we visualized (or I should more accurately say, I visualized)  an ideal day. That was very hard for me. What is ideal? Ideal now or ideal in the future? But, WHAT DID SHE MEAN? Anyhoo, we went through each day and gave them a theme and then we organized specific chunks of time during the day.  I had a lot of resistance and there was a lot of silence on the phone.

The ideal days always start with self and dog care, writing morning pages, and yoga. That I use an actual alarm clock and keep the phone out of the bedroom and in my office. IT FEELS SO FAR AWAY THO. I want to encourage actual wind-up times and wind down times. This has been missing for me because 1) self-care does not come naturally and 2) old patterns die hard. There’s a lot of work that gets done behind the scenes before change can be seen on the physical plane.

My point. I do have a point.

This makes me crack up continuously.

I spend too much time on social media in the morning and well, frankly all day. I think at this point, it’s quality over quantity. Too much information. Too much noise. Informational, yes. Entertaining, yes. And critical to staying relevant in these times. But fuck, sometimes you just gotta put it down!



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