Post #2: Ushering in 41, a rundown

It only seems natural that given this second post is the day after my birthday, that I should use this space to tell you all about what I did yesterday!  

First of all, I have to say, that for me, the best things about birthdays is hearing from people in all the various phases of my life. I think this is one of the great things about social media. It just strikes me as endearing and makes me feel like I am floating in the well wishes of people who have touched my life. Maybe that’s a little over the top, considering I know writing “Happy Birthday” on someone’s Facebook timeline takes almost no time, but still, I appreciate the sentiment.

I also realized this year that I love my birthday time. I love being born in the Spring, I love being a May baby, I love being an Earth sign with air as my moon and rising elements. I love Taurus season in general. This year I let myself fully embrace my birthday and everything I love about it and I planned it with intention.

Last year was a big shindig. I turned 40, my parents, brother, and his girlfriend came to town and I had a piano karaoke party at Sid Gold’s Request Room in Chelsea. I remember that I was afraid to get up to sing, even though I wanted to! I eventually did sing with two of my friends “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” It was kind of dorky and I was super self-conscious. All in all, it was a nice night even if I did call it on the early side.

So this year I wanted to have mellow. I knew I would probably be alone all day because my partner was working and I didn’t really want to spend it with anyone else. We had dinner plans so I could curate my activities for the day. I started my day with a pre-roll from Chalice Farms and some coffee, my first blog post and a walk with Lou in the neighborhood (which I call a “scent tour”).

Then I was off.

First to Common Grounds Wellness Center for what is called a “sandwich” – 30-minutes in the hot tub or sauna and then a massage, with another 30 minutes at the end. I highly recommend this. Common Grounds has a ton of options for massage practitioners but I ended up choosing Susanna Low-Beer, who is an acupuncturist as well. I wanted someone experienced in Chinese medicine – because I was looking to unblock stuck energy and unearth old emotions caught in my body. She worked the acupressure points and by the time I was done, I strongly felt my chi vibrating off the table. It was a pretty incredible experience!

Next up, I wanted to go to my favorite shop on Alberta St., but I was hungry so I stopped at Back to Eden bakery across the street for some lunch. I had the kale salad and a green smoothie and I was in heaven. I actually couldn’t believe I made such a healthy choice! But my body was leading, so I had to say … yes. And it was worth it. Now it was back to my favorite boutique, Amelia. Her shop is always beautifully curated and showcases her dresses and designs as well as other independent makers – she has jewelry, clothing, makeup, perfume, and other cute trinkets. I hadn’t been in since I moved in January and decided I needed to stop in on my birthday! I got some Nikibiki super comfy brown leggings, bangles from Amano Studio Jewelry and a “snuggle cocoon” made by Amelia herself. Plus I had a 20 percent discount from the Chinook Book so I was pretty pleased! Also, if you’re interested, you can learn more about Amelia and her business on Let’s Get Radical. We interviewed her back in July of last year. You can listen here. 

At this point, I’m pretty relaxed, feeling good, but I’m fighting feelings of nervousness because the next thing on my list involves something permanently done with needles. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for a while, to honor the time I spent in my karate school, Brooklyn Goju, and all the lessons and insights I’ve learned there. It hadn’t happened yet but I thought my birthday was a good time. I wanted the terms hard/soft – in script and on my forearm – because it is the English meaning of Goju, the Japanese word for the type of karate we practice. Of course, I’m not putting Japanese on my body because of cultural appropriation, but the English words fit fine. In fact, it basically covers my tendency to be extreme, black and white, and all the movement in between. So, off I drive to Blue Ox Tattoo (perfect for Taurus season) to get inked. I had a super sweet cute conversational person do it, and they were careful, encouraging, and nice to look at while I was getting it done (thought I looked away mostly).  Thanks, Willis


At this point, I’m ready to go home. So I hit the road and chill out for a little while, waiting for V to come home. 

I had a great day just being with myself, doing my favorite things, but I was ready to see my babe. He had made dinner reservations at a secret place and I was getting curious…

We ended up having a super delicious dinner at Noble Rot; they describe themselves as “an ecosystem.” This is because a glacial well hydrates the building and the 3000 square foot garden on the roof. The vegetables grown there supply the restaurant. It’s on the fourth floor and the deck has an amazing panoramic view of the city. Plus, as an added bonus, the restaurant was celebrating 15 years of being in business, which I thought was a good omen to be around, as I enter into this new phase of my own.

Then we went home and ate mini-cupcakes and watched Black-ish until I fell asleep. 

It was a good day. 

More tomorrow.