Post #1: Here we go + birthday musings


Welcome to the first day of this self-imposed 30-day blogging challenge. The goal of this project is simply selfish, I just need to start writing for myself again. As someone who has made her living writing commercially for 19 years, I need to dust off my voice, stretch my thinking cap, and start sharing what wants to come out. For the pure joy of it, and because the feeling to recreate this blog is not going away. Believe me, I’ve given it years to try to shake it off.  So I’m moving in a new direction and going to follow it. 

This is going to be a work in progress and it may get messy. But what I like about this challenge is that it is a daily practice and I am forced to come here and show up. To you. To myself. To the writing.

So it’s my birthday. I have a lot of gratitude. I love this time of year because it feels very natural to reflect on the past year and take a more macro level view of what’s going on in my life in all directions. 

Life is too short to not live the dream you want to create. Somebody wrote once that it’s the everyday actions and behaviors that add up to how your life turns out. It’s so easy to put it off tomorrow or avoid changes because of a trade-off, but I realize now that’s not living fully. It’s not living in the present and authentically. I have a lot of amazing friends and family that I don’t talk to nearly enough and they love me anyway. I have an awesome partner who is willing to go into the fire with me and who’s been a witness to so much of my pain, angst, depression, and healing over the past eight years. We are constantly changing and I’m grateful for all we’ve accomplished, manifested and created together. We’ve got such a tender loving soul in our baby, Lou, who is growing into a happy, healthy and hilarious dog right before our eyes. I’ve finding community here in Portland and that feels good and I hold a lot of love and appreciation for my community in Brooklyn. Leaving NYC after a decade was a risk and one that I knew I needed to make in order to grow. And I love the west coast! It’s beautiful here and feels more in rhythm with who I am as a person. I feel grateful that I’ve been able to support myself as an independent business owner and take on projects that I feel are making a positive impact and/or helping people get their message out into the world. I look forward to putting more of myself into my work and collaborating and partnering with people with shared values and motivation. I feel lucky to work with such wonderful people!

Lots of good things are on the horizon!

In other news, in my newsletter, I challenged you to create something every day. This could be something that you’ve been wanting to get started on for a while, something that you have already started, or something new you want to try. This crosses all genres and is not limited to writing. Will you do it? Will you tell me about it? I’d love to share stories about how we’re confronting fear, creating space for something important, and building something from the ground up. 

It’s 9:18 AM here and my birthday started early this morning with my dog jumping on the bed and my partner singing and dancing “It’s your birthday” while getting ready for work. I’m going to go enjoy my day and will be back at it tomorrow~