(#8) Go see this.

By this I mean Frances Ha.
It’s a film about a 27 year old New York woman trying to figure it out.

Frances Ha.
Written by Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach. Gerwig stars in the leading role.

Basically Frances is best friends with Sophia. They live on Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn. They are like lesbian girlfriends without the sex. They have dreams of each making it big in their own right. Then Sophie decides she wants to move to Chelsea with a friend of hers. This begins the downward spiral of Frances’s life. It’s not really a downward spiral, though. Frances does accept Sophie is choosing something different for herself. And therefore she tries to make the best decisions she can for herself, albeit reluctantly and guided by faith.

I could totally relate to her epic aimlessness
I could totally relate to her epic aimlessness

Frances has a way of making her life sound better than it actually is (it’s a trait I admire actually) … she’s a dancer, but not really, dates but not really, but the thing is whatever she does, she’s present and vibrant and has this youthful quality … it’s a believable story, especially when she leaves this apartment she’s sharing with these two trustfund type artists in Chinatown for her parents’ in California. She’s totally being taken care of and living it up knowing full well she has to go back to her own reality soon. She’s sort of in denial about a lot in her life, but I see it as more hopeful. Hopeful things will shift in her direction.

I think Frances Ha is a movie about spirit and taking yourself seriously. It’s about love and friendship and jealousy and about how you just have to go with life sometimes. It’s about money and class and how that changes relationships and it’s just plain funny.

We saw this tonight at the Laurelhurst Theater where we got chicken pizza and beer and popcorn and watched someone’s vacation photos interspersed with the ads while we were waiting for the movie to begin. $4 for a ticket. I love Portland for that.

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