Post #14: Showing up means this

I often have a ton of self-judgment floating around in my head on any given day, so sometimes it makes it hard to move forward. Perfectionism paralyzes me.  The reality is, I’m fine where I am. It’s hard because I look around and see other entrepreneurs, other activists, other women, looking so more put together, […]

Post #13: Is this over yet?

Otherwise known as resistance. I just had an important discussion with my coach (or as she likes to call it “detached thinking partner”) about resistance. And man, do I have it. I need to look at Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art again and seriously give it a read.  The truth is, I have a lot of […]

Post #12: New technology

I’m working on expanding my business. This, many of you know. Part of that is making sure I am organized and things are running smoothly. And for the most part, they are. But I believe they could be smoother … More automation. Less repetition. You know how the saying goes. Using technology to expand and […]

Post #11: Not the cool kid

Don’cha just love FB? I was scrolling through my feed yesterday and I saw an old photo of a group of people that put a chill down my spine. It was some of the popular kids in my high school, all dressed up for the senior prom. It was 1994.  Maybe I didn’t get a […]

Post 10: Feeling done-zo

I had quite the weekend. First playing with High Anxiety, in Washougal on Friday. Then planning for and selling some choice selections from the Liz Gold selection on Saturday. Then finishing up the weekend with two classes at the gym and a photo shoot for some new headshots.  I’m done. The couch is calling my […]

Post #8: Checking out

Today in therapy, we talked about checking out – like when do I do it? What prompts me to just check out of a conversation?  I wrote that sentence and want to check out of this blog post. Ha. But seriously. A lot of people who have experienced trauma in their lifetimes check out. It’s […]