5 Tips on How to Keep Your PR Program on Track

If you’re an accounting firm in a position to work with an outside PR agency, good for you! Working with a PR firm is a great way to expand your own firm’s reach, showcase your thought leadership, and create content through media placement for your website and social media. Clips can be invaluable pieces of […]

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6 Tips for Detoxing from Corporate Stagnation

Love it or hate it, Corporate America is a great place for people to go and learn. It’s a breeding ground for power plays, ego baiting, personality conflicts, and competition. In other words, it’s an opportunity for some serious growth. But when you’re operating under “old school” philosophies – aka the traditional 9 to 5 […]

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(#11) Camping

Our tent

So I went camping this past weekend. Turns out, I don’t think I’ve been camping before quite like this. I mean, yeah sure, I went camping at Salmon Falls in Buxton, Maine back in the day when I was straight and hanging out with the other counselors I worked with at the Jewish Day Camp, […]

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(#9) The number one question that I get asked here

Cute, right?

Technically. I am not ranking the questions people are asking me here after they learn I hail from Brooklyn, but I will admit, it’s a question that strikes me in the moment and leaves me sort of dumbfounded. I can honestly say I don’t know Portland well enough to answer that question to my liking. […]

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(#8) Go see this.

I could totally relate to her epic aimlessness

By this I mean Frances Ha. It’s a film about a 27 year old New York woman trying to figure it out. Frances Ha. Written by Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach. Gerwig stars in the leading role. Basically Frances is best friends with Sophia. They live on Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn. They are like lesbian […]

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(#3) Everything I need to know I learned from Penny Jean

Way back in the day when Penny Jean was a wee pup. She knows to take advantage of a snuggle when she came across one.

I’ve been trying to come up with something deep n contemplative to write today but the only thing my brain is going to right now is Penny Jean. Penny Jean is a dog I know from Brooklyn. I’m not gonna say she’s the coolest dog ever cause I’ve definitely met and loved some cool dogs, […]

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